Welcome to my primary website, where you will find information about myself and links to my various other websites.

My name is Andrew Elliot Keefe and I was born in Ware Massachusetts on either April 10th or April 11th 1980, depending on who you ask. Officially it's the 11th. I lived in Warren my entire adolescence until I left for college in 1998.

I spent the next ten years living in or around Worcester Massachusetts, the first five of which were spent attending Worcester Polytechnic. I graduated 'with Distinction' in 2003.

Since then I have specialized in electric drive propulsion systems, gaining experience in submarine and surface ship propulsion, on board vehicle power, and commercial hybrid vehicles (trucks and busses). I architect and develop the control algorithms for such systems, as well as lead the integration teams of new prototypes. Currently I oversee the development of the Uno for BPG Motors.

At a young age I began studying both photography and dance - both by following my father's lead. My photography work mostly consists of photographing Eve Summer's operas, with some studio and promotional work on the side.